Do I need any previous qualifications?

No not at all, this is a complete beginners course.


What age do I have to be to do the course?

Minimum 16.


Do you offer weekend courses?

Yes we offer our beginner courses on a Sunday.


How long is the day course?

Approx 9am-4.30pm every student works at a different pace there is no rush.


Do I need to buy anything to attend the course?

Not everything is supplied to use on the day.


Will I need a nail model?

Yes you will be required to arrange for a model to arrive at 11am if you are unable to find a model we can advertise for one.


Are the courses accredited?

Yes all of our beginner training courses are fully accredited, which will allow you to gain insurance once qualified.


Are you on hand to help once qualified, or is it just on the day?

We are very much a hands on training academy, you will be able to ask for any help in regards to your beginner course once qualified. We also have a growing facebook community full of LUX qualified students where you can ask questions or just ask for general advice.


Do you offer courses on advanced techniques?

Yes we do, once qualified we ask you to take 6-12 weeks to practice your basic skills. You would then be able to book onto private skill building 1-1’s at a discounted rate.


Will I learn to apply tips or to sculpted nails?

Our beginner training courses are using tip application. If you want to learn sculpting further down the line this is also something we offer.


Is there a certain dress code?

No not at all, whatever you feel comfortable in.


I am already qualified but want a refresher. Do you offer this?

Yes we certainly do, this would be classed as a private 1-1 please get in touch, we tailor our skill building sessions to suit the student.


I am already qualified but want to learn new techniques. Do you offer this?

Yes we certainly do, this would be classed as a private 1-1 please get in touch, we tailor our skill building sessions to suit the student.


Once I qualify can I rent a chair in a salon?

Yes most definitely, you will just need to arrange insurance once qualified.


Once I qualify can I get a job in a salon?

Yes of course, the beauty industry is very much a self employed world however some people do like to gain a full time job with security.


Will there be an opportunity in the future to work at LUX?

As a salon we are looking into many ways we can grow, so never say never! Always express your interest and we can keep in touch. 


Do I need to be ‘arty’ to become a nail technician?

Definitely not, Art was not my forte at school doing nails is completely different. We often find if you enjoy getting your nails done you will have a natural passion for creating beautiful nails.


What if I struggle on the day?

Please do not worry, everybody picks new skills up differently and you will eventually have your lightbulb moment. Our Educator will be on hand on the day and following the course. If you feel you will need more assistance further down the line we also offer great refresher and skill building 1-1’s, all at a discounted price for our beginner students.


What if I do not qualify on the day?

Rest assured we currently have 100% pass rate, but in the unlikely event we felt you needed a little longer to qualify we would ask you to go away and practice then to re-attend our day course once you are ready which would cost £100 re-attendance fee.


What if i need to rearrange my course date?

We need 4 weeks notice to rearrange your course date, if it was after this point we would advertise your slot to future students and see if anybody would want to switch.

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